Social media is a great source to help you build a build your very own community, but it's also about shaping and sculpting your brand's voice. More times than not, the content you post on social media should do both to help you eventually lead to conversions. Without engagement, your posts aren't going to be as effective.  

Engaging posts can help increase just how many people you reach. The more people that interact with you means more social platforms will prioritize your content. You might be wondering what counts as engagement and how you can be more engaging with your posts, so let us break it down for you.

What Is Engagement?

From a very broad perspective, engagement is interaction. Your content and posts are similar to the start of a "face-to-face" conversation or a statement. Engagement is created when others join or respond to the content you posted. There are a variety of ways that you can track and measure who and how many people are engaging with your posts. From counting likes and comments, to how many people shared your posts, there are many ways to track how many people are engaging with your content.

Although it can get easy to get lost within the idea of how many likes or comments you receive, you may want to move beyond the traditional measurements like counting those numbers. Different platforms can prioritize posts according to what's called "meaningful engagement." For a good example, Facebook defines meaningful engagement as active and thoughtful or mindful interactions that add to someone's overall feelings of well-being. Also, note that the number of likes you get on a post is not always the best way to go by engagement, and regularly checking your Analytics can give you a better understanding of just how many people you are reaching and how many of those are interacting with you and your content.

How Can My Posts Be More Engaging?

To become more engaging on social media, you should be conversing as much as you can. Always be on the lookout for new opportunities to interact with others that will ass to your brand purpose and voice.  You should also be responding to leads and customers to positively increase your engagement and boost your customer advocacy.

Sharing other content from outside your company can help you raise your brand awareness. Doing so also shows that you are interested in being an active and supportive member of that community. Also sharing well-written posts and articles that are on-trend or topic will keep people interested in your posts.

Choosing to do some interactive posts and content is also a great way to boost engagement. From quizzes and polls to sharing or creating different online games or challenges give the viewer an opportunity to have fun, interact, and provide feedback for your posts. Trying out contests and giveaways is also a great and effective way to increase engagement.

As you experiment with different types of posts, remember to keep track of what does well and what doesn't. Once you find that out, you can start to create a great balance of engaging posts while growing a community at the same time. You also can always join in on discussions and add value to current events and trends. Just be you, and always keep the conversation going.    

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