Wix only launched their POS system a mere 2 years ago (and some change). Still, as our crew of developers has delved heavily into their Wix Velo coding environment, we've been more than impressed by how far they've come in streamlining their solutions for their users.

The most magical solution that we've found locally for our Dallas clients is those who have Wix websites and also have physical locations and either aren't using a Point of Sale system OR are using a Point of Sale system that doesn't talk to their site. We imagine that either many of our clients aren't aware of the new POS (which they just started advertising more lately) or aren't quite sure how well it works.

We've found a multitude of reasons why it's worked so well for clients - from centralized sales data to improved efficiency and more, providing advantages to businesses that help optimize operations, drive sales and ultimately deliver exceptional customer service.

Here are the top 4 ways we've found that Wix POS can achieve that for your business when it comes to streamlining sales & inventory:

📌 Improved Efficiency

By automating sales processes and inventory management, business owners can save time and reduce manual effort. The system automatically updates inventory levels, generates sales reports, and tracks customer data, allowing for smoother operations and reduced administrative tasks across the board - improving operational efficiency.

📈 Accurate Inventory Management

It provides real-time inventory tracking between online and on-site sales, providing customers with real-time stock availability, and reducing the possibility and disappointment of out-of-stock items. Anyone who has sold an out-of-stock item to a customer knows how painful that can be - and how valuable this feature is to ensure that online and on-site inventory is united.

🥳 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It's all about marketing, and to have a POS that incorporates a CRM and allows you to build and maintain strong relationships with your customers is hands-down a fantastic feature. Wix has automation capabilities with its own e-mail system or with a Zapier integration - so its ability to tie together its CRM or your own configuration is a powerful tool. And for anyone who knows me - I love a good chance to build something custom when it gives me the capability, and this feature is golden.

💳 Simplified Sales Process

The Wix Point of Sale system completely streamlines the sales process, making it quick and easy for business owners. It provides a user-friendly interface with a two-sided, beautifully modern screen (no more spinning around a huge screen endlessly throughout the day - save your arm and save your customers the awkwardness!) that allows for effortless creation and customization of product listings, pricing, and promotions. With intuitive features like barcode scanning and integration with payment processors, businesses can expedite transactions, reducing waiting times and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Entrepreneur's Hack: The Wix POS grows with you. You can start with a smartphone and the card reader and graduate to their larger POS packages later. Their system grows with your business while you harness the power of the integrated ecosystem no matter which package you choose.

Streamlining sales with the Wix Point of Sale system simplifies the sales process, provides real-time sales tracking, facilitates efficient inventory management, seamlessly integrates with online sales channels, and supports customer relationship management. While we've been a WordPress shop primarily, we can hands-down say that the offering that Wix has right now with its Point of Sale system makes it one of the most powerful when paired with a well-built e-commerce Wix site. Our agency is happy to be an approved seller of Wix Point of Sale systems - so feel free to reach out if you have any questions!